About Us

Sunscope Entertainment is a global next-generation media company whose mission is to unlock the value of storytelling, the direct connection with the stars who have fans and the discovery of new influencers. Combining it all with the power of media through creative, development, financing, production, marketing and distribution of film, television, digital video, music and live entertainment content transforming beyond traditional platform-driven content to creating talent-driven enterprises.

The company is led by accomplished creative and businessman Ron Cobert who has a history of managing millions of dollars of advertising and entertainment production with an on-time, on-budget regiment. Here at Sunscope, we encompass the spectrum of what it takes to create, market, produce, deliver and exhibit media content for the purpose of exposure and profit. Blessed with the experience of collaborating with a host of industries globally, Sunscope Entertainment successfully enhances and monetizes brand activity and intellectual property resulting in increased audience, market share, licensing opportunities and positive return on investment.

Two other divisions have operated under the Sunscope umbrella, one concentrating in the Japanese and Chinese market is Shining Productions (http://shiningproductions.com), and the other is OhYeahLive (http://ohyeahlive.com) that concentrates on ad management including traditional and digital with an emphasis on tech solutions, including web and app development.