Valley Life

Valley Life is a comedy about three clumsy attractive young women and one grandma living in one apartment set in the valley near Ventura Boulevard, California.

The humor in the show is based on the parody of the girls’ characters and those they meet and know, about their misunderstanding of reality, physical comedy, and the hare-brained schemes the characters conjure up to get themselves out of dilemmas all within the framework of the modern young woman dealing with the trials and tribulations of the 20-something woman issues in LA, especially when it comes to men and careers.

All the while, the girls are immersed in starting up a directory for business listings. VALLEYLIFE.US is their business. Their encounters with business owners show their successes and failures.

The Project is along the vein of a combination of Larry David, Modern Family, That ’70s Show and Three’s Company. Filming of Valley Life has started with the funding we have, yet we are still looking for sponsors and financing, as well as the complete crew and the ensemble comedic cast of actors and writers to fill the Project.

If you have one or a combination of those attributes, please contact me.