Directed by Dan Hitt & Ron Cobert
Written by Dan Hitt  Scott Dylyn Hall  Ron Cobert
Starring Alan Blumenfield, Chloe Snyder, Michael Phenicie, Jim Blanchette, Scott Dylyn Hall, Ron Cobert, and Jay Burns
Produced by Scott D. Hall Productions & Sunscope Entertainment
Medium: 90 Minute Feature Film | IMDB.COM PAGE


With Big Jimmy Falcone retiring in Phoenix due to Alzheimer’s, Little Jimmy and Chilly Willy take on rivals back in Chicago. In the midst, Candy becomes Little Jimmy’s target, and so she is forced to prove herself as a hitman.

Plot Summary

This crime drama is about Candy Price’s struggle with Jimmy Jr, the son of Jimmy Falcione, aka Big Jimmy, now retired in Phoenix, and losing his mind to Alzheimer’s, so his son is controlling operations. After a successful robbery, Jimmy Jr disrespects Candy for the last time. She snaps violently at Jimmy Jr, and now he wants her dead. Still, she tries her luck by running to Phoenix to ask Jimmy’s dad for forgiveness, but Big Jimmy only sees her as a problem. Candy wants out, and now, finally will do anything to have her way. The outfit has no idea just how much heat Candy has in her.