SYNCINGMUSIC is all about enhancing your story. Incredible scenes, dialogue and cinematography deserve a great soundtrack but finding those perfect tracks for a film isn’t always easy. We customize music for filmmakers around the world.

Our tracks are created by big-name composers, writers and bright new talent, recorded in professional studios. We make it simple, clearing licensing and the rights in one swoop. So, whether you’re making a commercial, television or a film, we have all the genres to score your movie.

Sunscope in partnership with Verona Music offering pre-cleared music of all genres, ready to place in you film and tv shows. We OWN our music, thus, no wait to clear it! We possess music with vocals or offer an array of instrumentals. Whether it’s a theme song or supplying finished songs for your entire motion picture, our music is ready to license. 90% of our music has been written by a who’s-who of music industry writers; some platinum sellers and iconic legends old and new.

To name a few: Chris Gordon, 100s of releases including for “Game”, Mike Albert formerly renowned guitarist of (Megadeth, Frank Zappa, El Chicano). Darko Saric (Mad Men, Glee, American Idol, ATT).  S. Verona (Sony, Curb Records, Viacom, Universal, The Delfonics, Two Live Crew).  Dave Appell (“Let’s Twist Again, “Tie A Yellow Ribbon”, Gordon McGinnis (Ludacris, Jill Scott, Snoop, Erika Badu). Preston Glass (Natalie Cole, Aretha Franklin, Pointer Sisters). Writer/producer Greg Williams (El De Barge). George “Chocolate” Perry (Bee Gees, John Cougar, Jon Secada, Stephen Stills, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Al Kooper, Dion DiMucci, Joe Walsh, Joe Vitale).