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Ron Cobert – Founder/CEO

Ron Cobert is an advertising and entertainment creative and executive for Lovelane Music Group, Ohyeahlive Advertising, Sunscope Entertainment, and America Film, wearing many hats in the creative sphere – filmmaker, producer, writer, director, cinematographer, photographer, color corrector, sound designer, and editor. His diverse skill set reflects his rich background in both advertising and entertainment. Cobert is the go-to guy for advertisers and investors looking to maximize their investments.

With a proven track record in business development, leadership, media content creation, marketing, and tech, from commercial campaigns and music videos to TV shows and feature films, what sets Ron apart is his ability to get a project done according to what’s been allocated, on time, on budget. Over the years, Cobert’s strong connections from crew members and talent to executives with broadcasters, networks, studios, exhibitors, advertisers, and brands.

Cobert’s diverse advertising portfolio spans entertainment, cosmetics, legal, personal care, apparel, tech, government, and biotech industries. Whether crafting compelling ad campaigns, telling gripping stories for film and TV, managing on-location productions, perfecting edits, or securing funding for new projects, Cobert has the expertise and connections to turn creative visions into reality and maximize return on investment.

His recent projects have turned heads and sparked excitement, including the laugh-out-loud comedy “Guys and Polos,” the heartwarming family drama “Moon Over Sorrento,” the edge-of-your-seat crime thriller “Mobster’s Candy,” and the suspenseful “Evil Lurking.” Watch for his upcoming TV series, “Danceland,” set in the vibrant eras of the 1920s and 1970s – it’s already creating a buzz in the industry. Ron Cobert is a visionary and influential force and asset for any project.