Sunscope Studios

Tropical Jungle Empty Pool Studio sits on almost 11,000 sqft of a private refuge with a ranch house and a tropical overgrown jungle garden, island corners, classic front porch with rocking chairs, empty pool, ping pong table, lounging areas, large back patio, basketball court, brick pathways, studio backdrops, and build a set area.

From flooded basements in the empty pool to a camping area set built for a film. Almost anything goes here at Sunscope Studios. We are offering an open canvas for your creative inspiration.  So many different angles to shoot. There’s a 3 car capacity parking inside gate and a, exterior dressing room. Inexpensive and easy with a great host.


You must minimally pay for a 4 hour booking. Two fees must be paid, Location Fee and the Site Rep Fee.

How did you find us?

If you found us via an Online Platform, pay the Location Fee there, then the Site-Rep Fee and Add-On Fees will paid separately through the Venmo account: @sunscope

If you found us directly, then the Location Fee, Site Rep Fee, and any Add-On Fees will paid together through the Venmo account: @sunscope

Useful Chart Cost Based on Footprint

Rental Footprint

Location Fee

Site Rep Fee

Per Hour Total

1 – 5 people




6 – 15 people




16 – 30 people




31 – 45 people




46 – 60 people





Bathroom with Sink


Prop Cars


Email in Detail



Email in Detail

Before 7:00 am


Double Hourly Rate

After 11:00 pm


Double Hourly Rate


  • Bathroom: The property is open to use ONLY exteriors, so there are no interiors, so you must either bring a bathroom, or we can rent one for you (bathroom and sink model) or use a nearby businesses to access a toilet.
  • Garbage: Bring garbage bags and take the garbage with you. Nothing stays here.
  • Furniture and Props: You may move anything, but you return the item back to the exact location where you found it.
  • Lighting and Electric Limitation: No HMI’s more than a 1.5k allowed to be plugged in. Bring a generator. Electricity is available otherwise on both sides of the property.


  1. Your rental requires evidence of insurance coverage. “Additional Insured” certificate and endorsement must be assigned to us.  We will email that info to include.
  2. The certificate and endorsement must state that the insurer will give the additional insured 30 days advance notice of cancellation or change of coverage and limits except 10 days for nonpayment of premium.
  3. The certificate must bear an original signature of an officer of the insurance company or agent authorized to sign.
  4. As well, the evidence of insurance must have an “Additional Insured Endorsement” because certificates state that it is issued as a matter of information only and confers no rights upon the certificate holder.
  5. At the very least, the coverage and limits must include bodily injury and property damage for $1,000,000 per occurrence, fire legal $300,000, contractual, owned and non owned auto (if applicable), waive subrogation, coverage is primary and must apply separately to each insured.


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I understand the policies and agree to the terms.

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We are looking forward to seeing what you have created 🙂