Writer Director David Cid takes us inside this Psychological Horror Crime Drama where Alexis, an overprotective mother, who lives with her only daughter, Emilia, in a large home alone. Emilia is home schooled allowing Alexis to have total control of Emilia who she never lets Emilia out of her sight. Emilia is haunted by something in the attic. Alexis reassures Emilia that there is nothing there and that the house is not haunted. Alexis reminds Emilia why they are hiding and why it is important that no one ever see her that her father is a dangerous man and if he finds them, he will come for Emilia and kill Alexis. Still, she hears noises in the attic, and whatever it is, it attempts to get in. We soon find there’s a secret from the past that reveals it’s really the mother, Alexis who is the crazy one.