Genre: Action Drama Crime

Directed by Dan Hitt & Ron Cobert
Written by Dan Hitt  Scott Dylyn Hall  Ron Cobert
Starring Alan Blumenfield, Chloe Snyder, Michael Phenicie, Jim Blanchette, Scott Dylyn Hall, Ron Cobert, and Jay Burns
Produced by Scott D. Hall Productions & Sunscope Entertainment

Medium: 90 Minute Feature Film | IMDB.COM PAGE


With Big Jimmy Falcone retiring in Phoenix due to Alzheimer’s, Little Jimmy and Chilly Willy take on rivals back in Chicago. In the midst, Candy becomes Little Jimmy’s target, and so she is forced to prove herself as a hitman.


“MOBSTERS’ CANDY” is a gripping crime drama that follows the journey of Candy Price as she navigates the treacherous world of organized crime. Candy finds herself entangled with Jimmy Jr., the son of Big Jimmy Falcone, a notorious mob boss who has retired to Phoenix due to his battle with Alzheimer’s. As Big Jimmy’s mind deteriorates, his son takes control of the family’s criminal operations in Chicago.

After a successful robbery orchestrated by Candy, Jimmy Jr. repeatedly disrespects her, pushing her to her breaking point. Finally, Candy confronts her past issue with Jimmy Jr, demanding her autonomy which causes the rupture in the relationship with Jimmy Jr. Fueled by anger and a desire for revenge, Candy retaliates violently against Jimmy Jr., inadvertently making herself a target for his wrath.

Realizing her life is in danger, Candy decides to seek forgiveness and protection from Big Jimmy, hoping he will intervene and spare her from Jimmy Jr.’s vendetta. Candy makes a daring escape to Phoenix, confronting Big Jimmy to convince him of her innocence and desire to leave the criminal world behind. However, Big Jimmy sees Candy as a liability and refuses to help.

Will Candy escape the cycle of violence that has consumed her life? As the tension builds and the stakes increase, the outfit underestimates the true extent of Candy’s abilities and determination, leading to an explosive showdown that will test her loyalties and push her to the brink. Realizing she has no choice but to fend for herself, determined to survive, Candy embraces her newfound role to hit back, and she does with a vengeance. With skills acquired, Candy unleashes her wrath upon those threatening her existence. One by one, she collides with a formidable force, catching the crew off guard and proving that she is far more capable and dangerous than they ever anticipated.

“MOBSTERS’ CANDY” is a gripping and intense action drama that explores themes of revenge, redemption, survival, and the lengths one is willing to go to protect themselves in a world ruled by crime and betrayal.

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