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The Dawgs

Genre: Animated Romantic Musical Comedy

It’s a dog world, and in that dog world, and in that world, THE DAWGS is a dysfunctional, famous music group whose mission is to create great music and spread goodwill, peace, and love. However, a strange mystery draws them in for an adventure everywhere they travel to play a concert gig. In this story, their lady friend, Silvia, is in trouble. Alex, the lead singer, is in love. And so, he convinces the other band members to help save Silvia from the evil wealthy mogul kidnapper. With a bit of magic from their wizard friend, Orpheus, the father of melody and a believer in the efficacy of song and voice in magic, they rescue Silvia. To celebrate, they put on a music concert to raise enough money to open a no-kill ranch for the less fortunate dogs.

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