El Gobernador

Title: El Gobernador (2019)
Language: Spanish
Genres: Action, Drama, Thriller
Director: José Carmona
Writers: Juan Manuel Rodríguez (story and screenplay) and Ron Cobert (additional material)
Producers: Rosalina Gomez, Sofía Medina, Abigail Toapanta Cinematographers: Hector Cañizares, Victor Paredes
Editors: José Carmona, Ron Cobert

EL GOBERNADOR is a thrilling tale of political corruption, daring escapes, and unexpected twists. Esteban, a politician accused of embezzling public funds, is at the heart of the story. Living a life of luxury in prison, Esteban seems to have everything under control until the arrival of Alfil, a relentless enforcer working on behalf of a powerful criminal organization. With the help of the prison director, Alfil makes Esteban’s life a living hell by forcing him to reveal where he has hidden the stolen money. Esteban is a master manipulator, facilitating a daring escape with a crew in tow. But when it seems like he has everything under control, there’s a twist that will leave your audience breathless.

Filmed entirely in Quito, Ecuador, EL GOBERNADOR is a top-quality production from Elohim A & B, CinetelQ Films, and Sunscope Entertainment. Executive producers Maria Cristina Salinas, Joshep Albán, and María de los Ángeles Burneo have assembled a talented team led by director José Carmona and featuring a cast that includes Felix Antequera, Caroll Fontecha, Victor Rodriguez, and many other talented performers.

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