Naughty Girl Comedy

September 13, 2018 By roncobert Off

Sunscope Entertainment presents Naughty Girl Comedy is just that. Naughty. It pushes the envelope with female comics, their insights and stand up. Great for students, not children. If you are wanting a break from the norm or if you learning the craft, Naughty Girl Comedy is an excellent exit.

Directed by Stuart S. Shapiro, Produced by Judy Cianciotto, Ron Cobert and Stuart S. Shapiro. Starring Vicki Barbolak, Judy Cianciotto, Melanie Comarcho, Gulden, Retha Jones, Cynthia Levin, Marilyn Martinez, Shawn Pelofsky and Shayma Tash.

“It is hilarious.” Steven Leer, Comic News