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Aesop’s Friends

AESOP’S FRIENDS is for any country and we propose that we can cater to your territory, your languages virtually making it possible to license or show specifically to the country you are in. We have worked so hard. We have creating seasons of episodes of its base animation. This is the grand start to the episodic franchise, including a TV show, feature film, comic books, video games, school supplies, clothing, and toys, with the opportunity to product integrate and collect interesting brands on the way.

AESOP’S FRIENDS is all about the children. This is our version of the Fables of Aesop, originally written by Aesop between 620 – 564 BC credited to Aesop, a slave, and storyteller who lived in ancient Greece. Each episode is a brief story used to illustrate a lesson in life super popular throughout history, working its way into the education of our children even today.

Here is an example of our first season includes these 12 episodes: The Cicada and the Ant, The Hare and the Tortoise, The Puppy and the Frogs, The Peacock and the Crane, The Fox and the Crow, The Two Frogs, The Wolf and the Goat, The Worm Doctor, The Daw and the Pigeons, The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse, The Fox without Tail, The Fox, and the Woodman


We have 12 episodes of the base animation.  Each needs a little more animation, all the voices, and the music, and here is the list:

1. The Ant and the Grasshopper is about, what happens when you don’t work hard to plan for the future.

2. The Tortoise and the Hare​ is about, even if your opponent is stronger and faster, ingenuity and a relentless pursuit can overcome.

3. The Puppy and the Frogs is about, how we need to respect our neighbors. Common courtesy goes a long way.

4. The Peacock and the Crane is about the importance of being useful rather than just being ornamental.

5. The Fox and the Crow is about, how flattery can be deceiving, how we shouldn’t simply trust people for saying kind things. Actions speak louder than words.

6. The Two Frogs is about, being careful about the consequences of jumping to do something before knowing what you are about to get into.

7. The Wolf and the Goat is about when an invitation is prompted by selfishness, then you should be careful to accept it.

8. Doctor Worm is about how important it is not to lie.

9. The Jackdaw and the Pigeons is about when you try too hard to be someone else and are not true to who you are, you can lose yourself.

10. The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse is about how it is better to live happily and safely with enough, than with an abundance and fear for your life.

11. The Fox without a Tail is about ignoring the advice of others who seek to lower you to their own level.

12. The Fox and the Woodcutter is about being true and honest to the person you are helping.



Aesop (EE-sop) was Born in 620 BC and died in 564 BC at 55 or 56 years old in Delphi, Greece. Aesop was born a slave and is known as a storyteller.  He was so prolific, so many of his fables have been adapted and recounted in other storylines for some 2500 years. Aesop has been read for centuries by so many generations.  The basis of his storylines is simple fables that address past, present, and future, how we must be respectful to ourselves and others.


Yes, over the years, I have worked on many projects, but AESOP’S FRIENDS is a special one because we are getting the chance to deliver positive family programming. Every generation needs to be reminded that living smart is important to live a smart, fruitful, and healthy life. At the core of our being, is that we must share what life has to offer. Our survival depends on it. Help us bring our version of the AESOP’S FRIENDS to every child we can reach.

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