Educational storytelling teaches us that we all have to be communicative to solve problems so it’s my great honor to bring to life our version of the FABLES OF AESOP (EE-SOP). Aesop was a storyteller between 620 – 564 BC credited with a number of fables collectively known as Aesop’s Fables.

What is so incredible is that for centuries and in many languages, Aesop’s stories continue to teach us all that we need to communicate to solve problems. The characters are animals, insects and inanimate objects that speak to each other, human-like, and they resolve their issues.

The show is a well balanced children’s program with the base animation for the first 12 episodes:

  1. The Cicada and the Ant
  2. The Hare and the Tortoise
  3. The Puppy and the Frogs
  4. The Peacock and the Crane
  5. The Fox and the Crow
  6. The Two Frogs
  7. The Wolf and the Goat
  8. The Worm Doctor
  9. The Daw and the Pigeons
  10. The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse
  11. The Fox without Tail
  12. The Fox and the Woodman

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