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Hidden Springs

Genre: Drama Mystery Scifi
Medium: Episodic TV IMDB.COM PAGE

Director: Robert Jordan
Writers: Jonny Carlson | Robert Jordan | Lashawn Williams
Producers: Jonny Carlson | Ron Cobert | Robert Jordan | Lashawn Williams

In a world of magic, time travel and suspense, a small town controlled by a cult will stop at nothing to stay in power and pure. Hidden Springs is an hour-long serial narrative which functions as a layered Sci-Fi, character drama for television/online platform. The eight episodes are about a small town with lies, secrets and unexplained murders. Like any good television, the audience is connected first to the relationships of these players. Their families, their dramas, their real lives; these set the tone for the show. 

Hidden Springs reinvents the dramatic form using a unique, layered story structure that braids multiple time-periods and occasionally employs otherworldly influence. Friendships, family and love; these devices allow the series greater depth, greater human nuance, and more sophisticated suspense than the genre has ever seen.

The first season of eight episodes details the protagonists’ rocky approach to a united front, and supplies ample obstacles as they wrestle with personal goals, mistakes and fears. While dramatizing a variety of relationships and individual storylines between the players involved, the story structure weaves between multiple perspectives, each with its own obstacles.

Note to those interested in contributing: We have shot and edited 240 minutes of work toward the Hidden Springs Episodic. At the moment, we are looking for finishing funds to help pay for polishing the edit, vfx, sound design, music and music.

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