Business Plans

Websites Integrated with Social Media

Media Buy Management

News Releases

Casting Announcements

Feature story Pitching and Placements

Interview Pitching

Scheduling and Coordinating Media Blasts

Promotion via Sunscope’s Partners’ Social Channels

Our services include:

  • Gathering competitive lineage information
  • Creating budgets, media plans and schedules
  • Placing advertising on all applicable media platforms
  • Traffic Management
  • Campaign Analytics


  • Media plan creation in conjunction with the marketing team
  • Based upon target demographics, release pattern, budget and research
  • All media plans are subject to client approval
  • The client confirms the weekly buys by signing off on each insertion order and providing 20% of that week’s budget.
  • We traffic all creative to the appropriate media outlets
  • Post analysis is performed on all campaigns

TRACKING, ANALYTICS, BILLING, and RECONCILIATION: Following is the documentation to insure transparency and accountability:

  • Provide records of all transactions regarding advertising including back-up documentation.
  • Should there be any discrepancies, we work with the appropriate media outlet to resolve them in a timely manner.
  • Revising quotes and updating campaigns on-the-fly as necessary
  • Invoices are presented to client with signed affidavits of performance
  • Billing reconciliation

MEDIA BUYING: We place media based on your target demographic on the following platforms:

  • Network Television
  • National Cable/Syndication
  • Syndicated TV Shows
  • Planning/Budgeting
  • Spot Broadcast
  • Spot Cable
  • Network Radio
  • Spot Radio
  • Web banner advertising
  • Pay-Per-Click
  • SEO Orchestration
  • National and Local Newspapers
  • National Magazines
  • Trade Magazines
  • Out of Home Advertising

As with all industries, the film and television business is not all about creativity.  You need to complete a host of administrative company details before the project is set in motion.

PRODUCTION & POST:  We offer full production and post services.