There are basically eight stages to getting a film from an initial idea to market, including development, funding, pre-production, production, principal photography, wrap, post-production and distribution.

Large high budget film funding can come from private investors, film production studios, network, pre-sales, product placements or a combination of sources. During a studio film’s development stage, presales can grant distribution rights of the finished project to foreign territories.

These presale arrangements will schedule into programming the project’s exhibition into movie theaters, television networks and home video companies in foreign territories. Producers who can secure multi-million dollar film budgets include the involvement of famous actors, directors and Hollywood companies.

In the lower budget film arena, funding can come from the filmmakers themselves, friends, crowdfunding, investors and advertisers, and sometimes, studios and networks get involved after the filming.

So whether your film fits the higher budget or the lower, the development process is imperative and can cost you a lot of time. Hiring a firm like ours will grow your team and get your project developed that much quicker.

Our services can include the development of the script, a business plan and pitch deck, budgeting, scheduling, and communication with other industry people, producers, advertisers, and/or network, including the creation of media and initiating the draw of the audience.

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