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In a twist of betrayal, action and comedy, encountering all sorts of gangsters, Francis travels from LA to Málaga and back to LA, to sell the Ricci’s family Picasso.

Francis works it to get the buyers interested, even pitting the Brits against each other. All roads lead to Puerto Banus where a frenzy of gangsters swirl in. One of the Brits, Jason, steals the Picasso because of his Russian creditors, but it is a forgery, and so, two Brits and the Yank are kidnapped. They escape through the tunnel system just their shorts.

Francis slips back to Los Angeles. The Brits are pressured to recover the real Picasso so off they go to LA. Impatient, the Ricci’s send their own thugs to pick-up Francis. Francis gets abducted and beaten, but then he escapes again, but not without a bullet. He roams the desert half-alive when two sister desert rats nurse him back to health, now knowing everything.

Guns come blazing from all directions, and the two sisters defend Francis for a Picasso split.

–Think Dirty Rotten Scoundrels meets Hangover–