The Dawgs

Musical | Comedy | Animation

THE DAWGS is a musical comedy animated film. We are casting more writers and looking for the right music mix. Who will be THE DAWGS band is the real question?


This is in line with South Park, Simpsons, Adult Swim. The first film will start us off towards franchising and merchandising opportunities. For whoever gets in now, it could be very lucrative. With the animation finished, we will cast name talent to voice the roles and produce great music.


It’s a dog world and in that dog world, THE DAWGS are a famous pop music group and their mission is to create great music, and to spread peace and love. However, they have run into a snag. Their lady friend, Silvia, is in trouble. In fact, Alex, the lead singer of THE DAWGS, is in love with Silvia. And so, he will stop at nothing to save her. He convinces the other band members to relentlessly pursue and save Silvia from the evil rich mogul, Tobias. Against all odds, they find a way to save the day with a little magic from their wizard friend, Topaz.


We are so close and now looking for finishing funds for animation tweaks, comedian voice over, sound design and music. If you are inclined to have the entrepreneurial spirit, take a look HERE.


At the very least, help us move forward with a donation if you are not in the position to invest. Anything will help.