The Dawgs


THE DAWGS is a musical comedy animated film. We are casting more writers and looking for the right music mix. Who will be THE DAWGS band is the real question?  Or maybe even better, who will finance our quest.  We have gone this far by animating the first draft of the 90 minute film.


The style of the show is in line with a softer South Park to the Simpsons. We still want to caption the programming slots that would entice responsible programming. THE DAWGS is the first film of its series, and so it can be the starting point to franchising and merchandising opportunities.


It’s a dog world and in that dog world, THE DAWGS are a dysfunctional famous music group whose mission is to create great music, and spread goodwill, peace and love.

However, everywhere they travel to play a concert gig, a strange mystery draws them in for an adventure. In this story, their lady friend, Silvia, is in trouble. Alex, the lead singer, is in love. And so, he convinces the other band members to help save Silvia from the evil rich mogul kidnapper.

With a little magic from their wizard friend, Orpheus, the father of melody and a believer of the efficacy of song and voice in magic, they rescue Silvia.

To celebrate, they put on a music concert to raise enough money to open a no kill ranch for the less fortunate dogs.



You talk about a great opportunity for sponsors.  We can place or draw in anything.  Aside from the obvious benefit of reaching the franchise goal of an episodic series, our first goal is to get the film in from 325 million Americans. Talley up how many impressions that is.


We are so close and now looking for finishing funds for animation tweaks, comedian voice over, sound design and music. If you are inclined to have the entrepreneurial spirit, take a look here for the pitch deck that includes the financial breakdown, though you will need a password.

Contact me BUT hurry though. We are about to run a GOFUNDME campaign to kick this off the ground.  I have spent all my dog biscuits to get us to this point.


Or if you don’t want to get complicated, at the very least, help us move forward with a donation. Anything will help.  Our goals are great.  We want to move forward with a 501c3 under a plan to form a charity for people who want to open a no kill property. Nothing has been developed yet but our goals are big.